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Author, CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO NOT READING (Roaring Brook, Spring '11)

omg this kid is charlie joe jackson
did you guys see this? somebody sent it to me - this EXACT episode happens in my book, although charlie joe is about six at the time... happy/merry to all! xo, tg

website live! (ish)
 from now on, most of my semi-amusing musings will be on, which is now live, kinda. see you there!  tg

My illustrator's Awesome! Some Day I hope to Meet Him
So i got the exciting news that the illustrator for CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO NOT READING is going to be JP Coovert!

We're going to work very closely together to make sure his illustrations capture the tone of CJJ. It's going to be a dynamic working relationship!

And I'll probably never meet him.

Isn't that wild? I guess that's how it works in the children's book business. Marriages between writer and illustrator might be made in heaven, but they're not made in person.

It's all good, though. We exchanged an email. And isn't that how we ALL talk to each other these days?


small yay
 finished first draft of charlie joe jackson book 2 tonight. i plan to rest on that laurel for 24 to 48 hours before going back, looking at it and realizing how much work it needs. so i think that calls for a yay period. no exclamation point just yet.

Enter to win ME!!
look everyone! you can enter to win an ARC of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON, plus a critique from me at this website:

you know what this means, don't you?

i'm officially an almost-author.

it's kind of like being almost famous, except for the famous part.

but it's all very exciting and hopefully just the beginning of the journey... let's do this thing!

p.s. if you enter and don't win, i promise to come to your house and read the entire book out loud to you and your family.

are you ready for some proscrastination?
 football season is here, and with it another reason to not write! 

mixed feelings of course.

i love to watch football - definitely my favorite sport to watch. but i've got several deadlines staring me in the race, and since i have a full-time job, sunday has always been my go-to day for writing. 

now what?

today i may see if i can get some writing done while watching the games. if my story suddenly takes a turn towards the pigskin-related, you'll know why.

the product placement dream
so yeah, i guess i can call myself a writer, with my first book coming out next year, but my mom? she's a WRITER. she's a harvard professor who's written scads of books on politics, leadership and business - enough to fill a bookshelf. but nothing she's accomplished so far in her authorial career compares to what happened this weekend, when the boston globe website ran a picture of none other than SHAQUILLE O'NEAL reading one of her books!!

i know, right?!?!

here's the link:

i'm thinking we photoshop LEADERSHIP out, and photoshop CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO NOT READING in, then we'll have something!

you think shaq would mind?

and if he does, you think he could beat me up? 

i think it'd be a close fight.

who is charlie joe jackson?
 charlie joe jackson -- the hero of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO NOT READING - is actually three people.

charlie, joe and jack.

my three sons (cue theme song).

over the years, i've struggled to get all three of them to read. especially jack, my youngest, who would rather stare at a blank wall then actually open a book. so one day i said to myself: what would be the one book that they would actually WANT to read? i decided it had to be a book about how to avoid books.

thus, was charlie joe jackson -- perhaps the most reluctant reader ever born - created.

but of course, my kids were true to form - they refused to read it. at first. i begged and pleaded... nothing. finally, when i told them that i named the main character after them, they agreed to read it. and they actually really liked it. 

but they haven't read a book since.


research or procrastination?
 the internet is fantastic because i now have the perfect excuse for not writing my next book.

it's due soon but i have so much "research" to do to figure out how to market my first book that i'm way too busy to write.

however, the internet is also scary because i have no idea how it works and it seems like every author has an awesome website and blog and vlog and god knows what else.

as for me, i may accidentally delete what i'm writing at any time.

so if you'll excuse me, i have to go find another children's author social network website to obsess over, or another individual author website to get jealous over, or another list of 2011 debuts to try to figure out how to get on, or...


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